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Aldershot Tennis Club Tennis Lessons

Take a lesson to work on mechanics, develop strategies, prevent injuries, have a good workout or to better understand the game. Whether its footwork, racquet work, body work or brain work you’ll find hard work was never so much fun. Contact our Head Pro, Peter Buckley and Peter will match you up with one of our qualified Tennis Pro’s.


Peter Buckley

Head Pro

Peter has been certified through the OTA as a tennis instructor since April 2000. Peter is a tennis performance trainer and has shown his dedication to tennis-specific knowledge, expertise, and continuing education. Peter has been dedicated to gaining further knowledge and skills and is accredited through the Coaching Association of Ontario and the National Coaching Certification Program. He currently holds the Tennis Performance Trainer (TPT) designation. The TPT is the Level 1 certification and focuses on evidence-based tennis-specific training research. Based on this body of knowledge, Peter structures his lessons to work effectively with tennis players of all ages and levels of experience. Peter is currently pursuing a Certified TPS advanced specialist designation through the iTPA. In addition, Peter is wheelchair tennis and cardio tennis certified. He also uses the Dartfish Video Analysis as a further teaching tool.

Peter is sponsored through Head Canada and carries a wide selection of demo racquets and strings to help determine what is the best fit for any player, in terms of suitability, while taking into consideration one’s skill level and personal goals.


Kyle Martin

Assistant Pro

Kyle is a Canadian Certified Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, and Club Pro level 1 coach. He graduated with an Ontario Advanced Diploma in Sport Management and General Business from
Niagara College.

He is a personable and attentive coach; who focuses
on client specific developmental skills. Offers modern coaching techniques; to increase consistency of strokes.


Based on one hour court time.


Tennis Drills & Fitness Clinics

Based on one hour court time.

We run a variety of Tennis Drills and Fitness Clinics which are advertised by ATC Marketing via email.
They fill up very quickly! Watch for the next session and sign up right away to avoid disappointment.


Demo Racquets

Check out the latest technology from HEAD Racquets and find a frame that best suits your game. See Peter to try out the same racquets that are used by many of the world’s top professionals.



Don’t wait until your strings break!  Over time they will lose tension and playability.  
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