Programs: Tennis Strings

Craig's Stringing

Don’t wait until your strings break!  Over time they will lose tension and playability.  
Craig Lomas carries most top of the line strings and uses the latest technology in stringers to better meet player specifications


Prices (includes HST):
Wilson Sensation (16 & 17 gauge)$35
Babolat Powergy (16 gauge)$35
HEAD FXP Tour (16 gauge)$30
Wilson NXT (16 & 17 gauge)$40
Babolat( Excel 16 & 17 gauge)$40
Tecnifibre (16 gauge)$35
Polyester Mains/Synthetic Cross$40
RPM Blast, hawk Touch, Luxilon$40
You provide string (stringing alone)$15
Most Popular String:Velocity MLT
17 Gauge – Best overall for comfort and control$35
Beige or Black 
Contact Craig to arrange for pick-up and delivery: