Message From Our Pro

April 2021
Aldershot Tennis Club Members, Re: Lesson Protocol


I hope that everybody is staying safe and healthy during this time. By now I’m sure you’ve heard rumours that the tennis season may begin sooner than later. Although we cannot tell you a specific date, we would like to outline some of the protocols that we will be following upon returning to the Aldershot Tennis Club. These guidelines have been developed in accordance with the Tennis Professionals Association, Tennis Canada, and the Professional Tennis Registry.


Group Lessons:

With physical distancing regulations, the group lessons have been suspended indefinitely.


Private Lessons:

Individual private lessons will be permitted. Lessons will be an hour in length and there will be a 1/2 hour break between hourly lessons at which time the pro or the assistant pro will prepare the court and hopper in preparation for the next lesson. Please have available a mask and gloves as they will be required for a serve lesson or just as a personal reassurance. All lessons will be held on court 1. Unfortunately lessons will no longer have training aids such as cones, markers etc… for the foreseeable future.


Group private lessons will be permitted for people living in the same household; however, these lessons will be limited to four players and will adhere to the same protocol as for individual lessons.


All players must adhere to physical distancing regulations during the lessons and must use hand sanitizer before and after each session. Players are discouraged from picking up the tennis balls and should allow the coach to do so once the ball hopper is empty.

Finally, participants are encouraged to schedule their lessons on the same day each week. This will allow us to track which balls the participants have been in contact with and ensure that each participant is using the same set of balls each time.


Ball Hoppers:

Two hoppers will used with each hopper used only once every day and the balls will be disinfected after a day of use. We will track which players have used which balls. If a player is suspected to have been infected by COVID-19 and has been in contact with the balls, those balls will be disposed of immediately.


We know how challenging this time has been for many. While we can appreciate how eager many of you are to get back onto a tennis court, it is important that we follow guidelines from government and health authorities in order to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

We’re here to support you and your game. Please contact me if you have any questions and wish to start booking lessons. We look forward to seeing you all very soon!


Stay healthy and stay safe,

Tom Pociecha
Club Pro