Aldershot Tennis Club Membership & Registration

The Aldershot Tennis club is one of the best-run tennis clubs in Ontario, offering year-round match play, tennis lessons, leagues and organized social activities. Annual memberships or “winter” memberships are currently filled, however we are accepting registrations for future openings. Current openings for summer membership may be available.

Please email us for further inquiries or to register –

IMPORTANT: ATC has been diligent and compliant while considering all aspects of reopening during the COVID pandemic  crisis. Everyone needs to do their part to keep our members, staff and surrounding community safe. Please read the guidelines here –> ATC -COVID Re-opening Communication

Membership Inquiries:

Aldershot Tennis Club Summer Membership & Registration

ATC 2021 Summer Adult and Student Registration Package

ATC 2021 Summer Junior Registration Package

ATC 2021 Summer Family Registration Package

ATC 2021 Membership WaitList/Reservation request

Membership Fees

Payment by eTransfer, cheque, money order please (no cash accepted). Applications for student memberships must include a photocopy of Student ID.   Couples may send one cheque with two completed forms. 

Summer Only Fees (includes OTA membership)


Adult – $120.00 (HST $15.60 incl.) = $135.60


under 18 as of Jan 1. – restricted hours of play (Incl. HST of $7)
Junior – $55.00 (HST $7.15 incl.) = $62.15


18 – 25 (photocopy of valid student card required) (Incl. HST of $9.75)
Student – $85.00 (HST $11.05 incl.) = $96.05


2 adults and unlimited Junior members Family – $230.00 (HST $29.90 incl.) = $259.90
Guests Fee
(Adult, Student
and Junior)


Must be paid prior to going on court (penalty for unpaid guest fees $20)
Members can sponsor any number of guests during the Summer Session
A Guest can only play 5 times in the Summer Session
Fee of $10 must be paid PRIOR to court time by e-transfer: (auto deposit- no password required)