Court Booking Rules

Our new ONLINE BOOKING SYSTEM has been designed to be FAIR & EQUITABLE for all members. Click here to log-in to Book a Court

  • A member is allowed to advance book a maximum of 3 courts in a 7-day period.
  • Play may start on the half-hour or the hour. In fairness to other members your booking should not leave ½ hour gaps before and after your booked time. Please alter your booking moving it ahead or back the ½ hour.
  • On-court players must be those named in the online booking record.  Please change the names if otherwise before proceeding to the court.  Only the names of those with an advanced booking allowance remaining may be entered.
  • Playing guests may accompany members. A Member is entitled to bring a guest on a maximum of 5 occasions during the indoor season (Oct 1st to April 30th).  See Winter Guest below for further information.
  • Court #4 is the preferred court for multiple-ball practice.  Court #3 is available if members on adjoining courts don’t object to the curtains between courts.  Generally staff will use court #3 or #4 for lessons.
  • A non-booked court/time is considered to be an open court and subject to the following rules.
  • Members already on court may continue to play after their booked time has ended if the court remains open.
  • Members booked for a later court/time cannot enter early and displace members who are playing on the open court.
  • Players on a court for which they are not booked must relinquish the court on the arrival of others booked for that court/time.
  • Players displaced from a court must wait 1 hour before booking an open court.
  • The online system will not allow a solo member to book a court.  However a solo member may use a non-booked court for practice, and can request other non-booked groups to relinquish the open court.
  • Courts with no-shows are considered open for other members after 15 minutes.
  • Members who can not make their booked time are requested to go online and cancel their booking.

Advanced Booking a Court

  • Bookings may be made up to six days in advance. For example if today is a Monday, you can book in advance up to and including the following Sunday.
  • Courts can be booked in advance 24/ 7 with one EXCEPTION. Advanced booking for the sixth day out commences at 7:00 a.m. This gives everyone an equal opportunity to book in advance.
  • Attempts to advance book more than one court for the same day will be blocked by the booking system.
  • The person logged in is assumed to be one of the players when booking a court.
  • A member’s name may only be used to advance book 3 time in a period of 7 days.
  • Can’t show up? Please go online and cancel your reservation.

Booking for Same-Day Play

  • You can reserve a court for same day play online prior to arriving at the club, or on your arrival using the club’s computer. Follow the same process as for advanced bookings.
  • Booking a same-day court is permitted even if you have an advanced-booked court for that day.
  • Maximum court bookings per day including same day bookings is capped at 2 bookings
  • Due to online system limitation, if planning to do an Advanced booking and a Same-Day booking during a single calendar day, do the Advanced booking first.

Winter and Summer Bookings Time Allocation 

  • Duration for Double’s booking is 1½ hours (four names required).
  • Duration for Single’s booking is 1 hour (change the indicator from 90 to 60 on the Edit screen)

Winter Guests (Adult, Student and Junior)

  • A fee of $15.00 per Guest per booking is to be paid prior to proceeding to the court through Jegysoft.
  • Payment of guest fees are the responsibility of the Sponsoring member.
  • Unpaid guest fees can result in suspended booking privileges for the member.
  • A member is allowed one guest on court per time-slot.
  • Guests may play in the Friday Evening Round Robin.  However Leagues are not open to guests.
  • A guest is limited to five visits even if sponsored by multiple members (Oct 1st to April 30th).

Summer Guests (Same as Winter Except the Following)

  • Guest fee of $10.00 must be paid prior to going on court (through Jegysoft).
  • Members can book any number of guests during the period of May 1st to Sept 30th, however a sponsoring member is allowed to book a maximum of 2 guests per time slot.

Junior Members

  • Junior members are allowed advanced booked or same day booked courts for play 7:00am – 5:30pm Monday to Friday and 1:00pm – 9:00pm Saturday and Sunday.
  • Junior members playing with an adult member are not restricted to above times. The adult member must be the one logged on to make the booking.
  • Summer Junior guest fees are $10.00.

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