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Aldershot Tennis Club HALL OF FAME

Congratulations to Our Club Champions!

Mixed Doubles Tournament Results:
We would like to thank everyone who participated in our club’s mixed doubles tournament.
We had a fun atmosphere throughout the weekend which culminated in a great turnout to watch the final matches on Sunday.
Special congratulations goes out to the following participants.
Susanne Reimer & Damien Larkin – Mixed Doubles Open Champions (Main Draw)
Laurie Abell & Jesse Vermeer – Mixed Doubles Open Finalists (Main Draw)
Linda Schmidtgall & Jonah Dwyer – Mixed Doubles Open Champions (Consolation Draw)
Li Rao & Ray Wiese – Mixed Doubles Open Finalists (Consolation Draw)
To see the complete draws please click on the links below (place cursor on each match to see the full scoreline)
Mixed Doubles Open Division – Main Draw
Mixed Double Open Division – Consolation Draw
2023 Singles:
David Vallorani – Men’s Open Draw Champion
Crystal Pan – Ladies Open Draw Champion
Peter Galinis – Men’s Senior Draw Champion
Colin Carslake – Men’s Open Consolation Draw Champion
Erin Closs – Ladies Open Consolation Draw Champion
Ralph Martinello – Men’s Senior Consolation Draw Champion
2022 Summer:
A.J. Whitfield & Jacob Nease – Men’s Open Main Draw Champions
Jesse Vermeer & Darren Deng – Men’s Open Main Draw Finalists
Fel Rocci & Rafael Sandoval Jimenez – Men’s Consolation Draw Champions
Li Rao & Laurie Lynett – Women’s Open Main Draw Champions
Naomi Gardner & Susanne Reimer – Women’s Open Main Draw Finalists
Andrea Saumure & Jeanne Woodcroft – Women’s Consolation Draw Champions
2022 Winter:
Men’s 60+: Gord Morrow and Peter Galinis
Men’s: Paul Keller and Damien Larkin
Women’s: Maggie Li and Crystal Pan
Men’s 60+ Consolation: Ron Mauro and Ron Tansley
Women’s Consolation: Kash Davies and Linda Schmitdgall
2017 OTA/ATC Junior Tournament Results:
Kai MacLennan from Dundas TC, Finalist U10 and Jessica Fitzsimmons-Dick from BAC,
Champion Under 10
Julia from White Oaks TC, Finalist Under 12 and Neelesh Pujari from Dundas TC,
Under 12 Champion
Avery McLaughlin from ATC, Champion Under 14 and Tomas Mayorga from ATC,
Finalist Under 14. 
Youssef Elakkad consolation winner Under 12 and Jason Trakas
Consolation winner Under 14.
2016/2017 Doubles Championship 
Mixed Doubles ChampionsFinalists
Sonya Dobrasyan & Jeff LeedaleLaurie Kysley & Masa Ozawa
Women’s ChampionsFinalists
Grace Sheldrick & Claudia SheldrickDavies & Debbie Scott
Women’s Consolation Champions 
Naiomi Gardner & Susanne Reimer 
Men’s ChampionsFinalists
Jacob Nease & AJ WhitfieldGraham Bye & Jeff Leedale
Men’s Consolation Champions 
Allan Hewick & Damien Darkin 
Women’s 60+ Champions 
Trudy Meszaros & June Wright 
Men’s 60+ Main Draw Champions 
Peter Galinis & Gord Morrow 
Men’s 60+ Consolation Champions 
Malcolm Harris & Steve Knight 

Winners of the 2016 ATC Doubles Tournament

2015/2016 Doubles Championship 
Men’s Doubles ChampionsFinalists
Women’s Doubles ChampionsFinalists
Master’s Draw ChampionsFinalists

Congratulations to all!   Well played!

2015 Junior  MatchPlay results – 12 and under Champion Avery McLaughlin, Finalist Riley Havaj.
Over 12 Champion Matt Holvey, Finalist Nikola Doric.

Also worth noting, Jack Ceroni was first to glance a blow of the Pinata, Fiona Barkovic for the second, and the winner who caused some damage!

Thank you all for your participation this year, you were a joy to work with. Remember, we have the TNT program in the summer which runs from May 5 to the end of September, every Tuesday (weather permitting), 5:30-7pm. You can register on line.

2014/2015 Doubles Championship 
Men’s Draw ChampionsFinalists
Graham Bye/Jeff LeedalePaul Patoczka/Kyle Rutherford
Men’s Consolation WinnersFinalists
Bill Chow/Dan SobczakBob Pride/AJ Whitfield
Master’s Draw ChampionsFinalists
Ram Kancherla/Steve O’KeefeFrank Kellner/Derek Shrubsole
Master’s Consolation WinnersFinalists
Bryan Crook/Brian PooleNorm Chan/John McNabb
Women’s Draw ChampionsFinalists
Laurie Kysley/Lenka WatsonMiranda Duque/Judy Roberts
Women’s Consolation WinnersFinalists
Connie Godyn/Stephanie PrideLiz Sutherland/Laura Zwicker

Congratulations to all!   Well played!

2015 Singles Championship
Men’s 4.0 Consolation 
Men’s 3.5   
CHAMPIONTony ValentiniCHAMPIONZig Kazmierczak
FINALISTBrian PooleFINALISTDale Sutherland
Ladies 4.0   
FINALISTDarlene Shaw  
Ladies 3.0   
CHAMPIONMiranda DuqueCHAMPIONJennifer Godyn
FINALISTBrenda VrkljanFINALISTConnie Godyn

Lada TrophyATC’s  Junior Team Wins Lada Tennis Club Trophy

Nine of  ATC’s Match Play juniors entered into the Lada Tennis Club Tournament in Ancaster. Our team consisted of 6 boys and 3 girls, ages 10 – 16. Our Team won the tournament 6 matches to 3. All matches were singles 8 game pro sets. ATC will be hosting the Lada team in May for a grudge match.

Mixed Doubles ChampionshipsSonya Dobrasyan and Jeff Leedale
Ladies Doubles ChampionsipsLaurie Kysley and Lenka Watson
Men’s Doubles ChampionshipsGraham Bye and Paul Keith
Ladies Singles ChampionshipsRudi Loze
Men’s Singles ChampionshipsAdam Bearrs
Men’s Master’s Singles ChampionshipsPaul Harris
Junior Girls ChampionshipsTBD
Junior Boys (12 and under) ChampionshipsTBD
Junior Boys (16 and under) ChampionshipsTBD
Mixed Doubles ChampionshipsSonya Dobrasyan and Jeff Leedale
Ladies Doubles ChampionsipsLenka Watson and Donna Wood
Men’s Doubles ChampionshipsGraham Bye and Stan Lipkowski
Ladies “A” Singles ChampionshipsLenka Watson
Ladies “B” Singles ChampionshipsDeb Sylvester
Men’s Singles ChampionshipsAdam Bearrs
Men’s Master’s Singles ChampionshipsSteve O’Keefe
Junior Girls ChampionshipsTBD
Junior Boys (12 and under) ChampionshipsDavid Saunders
Junior Boys (16 and under) ChampionshipsJeremy Kennedy

Congratulations to our members for their success and entry into our Hall of Fame!

The Aldershot Tennis Club is a volunteer club run by members for members. Please help make our club a great place to play